if I stay really quite and promise to be good, do you think I can stay here forever
My current home here in Australia, waking up to views like this is just one bonus of the lifestyle

How many times have you said it to yourself – I wish I could travel and explore the world forever! Well my friends, welcome to Avoiding Normal where I aim to show you just how YOU can turn that wish into a reality AND take your home with you.

Since Oct 2011 I’ve lived and worked from all over the world from the comfort of my campervan, well actually three different campervans now, but the objective has always been the same – to be able to live a life of continuous travel and find ways to keep financing that lifestyle. I’ve met hundreds of travellers during this time, some of whom are full-timers like me and some who have hit the road from anything to a week to a couple of years. Not only do I believe that this lifestyle, in one form or another, is obtainable for everyone, I aim to prove it to you.


Throughout the blog and on the article page your find stories of those who have either done it or are currently doing it. From solo campervan-ers like myself to whole families who now live a nomadic lifestyle. You will also find plenty of inspiration (I hope!), tips and tricks, – from what van is right for you (car/camper/motorhome or something in-between), to staying safe and on the right side of the law.


So often on my travels, when others hear my story, I normally get asked one of two things – How is it possible? and How can I create a similar lifestyle?  Since the beginning my reply has not changed very much at all: YOU can do it, you just need one thing, one thing that is totally within your grasp right now – Commitment!

Once you commit, the knowledge will come

Once you commit to the idea and say to yourself that no matter what obstacles come up or how impossible it may seem, you are well on the road (get it!) to achieving the lifestyle you dream of. Once you commit the knowledge will come, you will find ways to make it work, ways of earning money and ways to overcome an fears or insecurities you may have. Trust me, the pros to this lifestyle far out way the negatives.

Best of all, there is a whole community of people doing it and a wealth of information already out there, not least here at Avoiding Normal. So if you too dream of a life on the road, a life of adventure, a life where your views from your bed can change every morning, then my friend stop dreaming and start committing. I promise you wont regret it.

Read all the articles and seen all the blog posts but still unsure if its right for you or how to get started? Then give me a call – literally! Here at Avoiding Normal I offer a free, one on one, introductory Skype session where we can discuss how you personally can start planning a new and adventurous future.

Fancy it? Email me now to book your session.

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