Spent the day hiking around Kalbarri national park here on the west coast of Australia. I’m yet to go to a national park in this country and not be impressed but this one is simply stunning. I thought I’d share some of the pictures from today before I get in the tent. Enjoy.

Looking down the gorge at Kalbarri NP
The famous and widely photographed ‘Natures Window’
Rock formations dating back billions of years
I bet this view hasnt changed all that much since the first human eyes looked upon it.
Springs only just arrived but the flowers are out in full colour
Kalbarri NP
Panoramic of Kalbarri NP
Kilometer after kilometer on these roads make fir a bumpy ride
My favourite kinda’ road
Sea cliffs at Kalbarri, and i saw whales cruising past
Almost ran this little fella over, he was loving the sunbathing on the tarmac
This was pretty much my view for a large portion of the day, endless straight roads and endless blue sky
Great spot for whale watching
Tonights home in the bush

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