I’m passionate about the long term campervan lifestyle and even more passionate about helping others achieve it. In fact, that’s the whole reason I started Avoiding Normal in the first place, to give others all the information they need to live their life on the road.

When I started out in 2011, I had no idea how I could achieve my goal of traveling the world in my campervan for as long as I wanted to.

Had I of known what I know now when I started, the process would of not only been easier, but a lot quicker too.

Now, after five years of continuous travel, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, from the tips and tricks of self building a campervan – having built 3 now – to keeping my campervan and myself safe in the dozens of countries I’ve travelled through.

Now, I could write articles and post up blog posts every hour of the day but I still wouldn’t be able to cover all of the knowledge I’ve gained and sometimes, those pieces I do post up aren’t personal enough to your own campervan requirements. Everybody’s long term campervan dreams are very personal and there will be times when you cant find all the answers you’re looking for.

And that’s where my consultancy service comes in, available 7 days a week, 365 days a year at a time that suits you. Being able to speak to someone – especially when they know what they are talking about – can be of huge help in getting you on the road. Had I of known what I know now when I started, the process would of not only been easier, but a lot quicker too. If your not sure if consultancy is the best way to go for you, then why not find out by booking a personal, one-on-one, 20 minute, introductory session completely FREE of charge.

available 7 days a week, 365 days a year at a time that suits you.

Don’t let your personal hurdles get in the way of achieving your goal of long term campervan travel, get in touch today and start making your dreams a reality.


I offer everyone a FREE, 20 minute long, introductory consultancy session either face to face or via Skype. This session is designed for us to get to know each other, for me to start to get a better understanding of your own long term campervan travel dreams and advise you how I can help. By the end of our session, your know if further consultancy sessions are right for you.

HOW TO BOOK – Please use the form below and choose ‘Free Consultancy Session’ as the subject.


Single consultancy sessions are 1 hour long and conducted either face to face where possible or over Skype. These session can be used to ask me any questions you have regarding long term campervan travel, whether that be advice on your self build project or help in achieving your savings goals and everything in-between. Each session you have will be directly with me and will be followed up within 48hrs by email detailing our discussion and answering any questions that required further investigation . All payments are made securely and safely using Paypal.

HOW TO BOOK – To book or for more information, please contact me directly using the form below and choose ‘Consultancy’ as the subject.


I also offer bulk consultancy sessions. In the past, I have found most people require between 8-10 sessions to get their project from the initial planning stage to setting off on their first adventure. These sessions can be used anytime over a 2 year period so discussions can be arranged as and when you need them.

HOW TO BOOK – To book bulk sessions, please contact me using the form below with the subject heading ‘Bulk Sessions’.

5 sessions – 1 hour each£150.oo SAVE £25.oo

10 sessions – 1 hour each – £300.oo SAVE £50.oo

*Please read the terms and conditions before booking. These can viewed HERE.